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Coaching (2013-07-25): Interview with Nic Granleese

Interview with Nic Granleese (Websites for Architects)

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In this interview with special guest Nic Granleese (Australian architect, architectural photographer and author of Websites For Architects), Nic shares the most important things he’s discovered about making your website really work.

Nic is an architect turned architectural photographer who specialises in online media. In 2011 he became Australia’s most followed architectural photographer and now has more than 10,000 followers online. He writes and speaks about the relatively untapped opportunities architects have online and how web savvy architects are redesigning the way they work and find clients.

His approach to websites is that they should be the center point of information about an architect’s work. They should make it easy for the media to publish their architecture and they should openly share their goals, aspirations and ideas. The end result is a powerful tool that reaches the largest audience possible and filters that audience to find “clients who get you.”

This changes everything from the quality of architecture you can achieve to almost eliminating the need to pitch to new clients. By the time a potential clients walks through your door they know who you are, what you stand for and they’ve already decided they want to work with you.


We discuss the common mistakes that architects make with websites, and Nic shares with us his insights on how to solve them.

The end result is a website that gives back to the architect, rather than just being an online Yellow pages listing.

The issues with your website are not hard to solve. With the right changes, architects can have a powerful platform to connect with potential clients and the media.

Nic takes the time to reveal and explain:

  • The two most important words architects forget
  • Why every architect’s description is the same
  • The missing text and why architects are invisible online
  • The hidden photo problem
  • Are you displaying the right project?
  • Is there a call to action?
  • Where’s the personality?
  • How to give the media what they need to publish your architecture

Plus, Nic shows a really cool way to use Google Places to help you get to the top of Google!


Media and an Architects Website: The secrets of getting published

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  1. Brian Lewis
    5 years ago

    Very interesting webinar – I am looking for the next one. Glad to see that you took on my suggestion to get together with Nic – it’s an interesting team.