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Coaching (2013-09-19): Interview with JHD Architects

Interview with JHD Architects

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Video Playback Notes

In this interview, join me as I sit down with Tim Ball, Principal, and Susan (Room) Ball, Director of jhd Architects.

This small UK firm is a technology leader (using 3D BIM tools in sophisticated ways for projects of all sizes and types) which has developed a very effective combination of marketing methods to bring in clients.

Recently Susan emailed me asking for my advice on how to “filter web enquiries so that Tim only goes to see potential jobs that are really worthwhile.” In the past 18 months, the firm has gone from occasional lead inquiries to a steady stream that are hard to keep up with.

It’s a nice problem to have.

In this interview I go over with Susan and Tim how they achieved this using effective architect marketing strategies, and what they are doing about it.

What Susan and Tim have accomplished is something that is within reach of many of you.

Listen in and learn what changes to make to your website and overall approach to marketing your architectural services so that you can start having good problems like they do!

JHD Architects Website –

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