Are you struggling to find new clients for your design firm?
Not sure how to get people to find you when they're looking for an architect or designer?

Optimize Your Online Presence AND Rank in Google Searches

Learn the BEST Ways to Attract More Clients & Projects
With the Course that Teaches Marketing for Architects

Want to tap into a steady stream of inquiries about new projects
so you never have to worry about having enough design work ever again?

If you are an architect or building design professional, you NEED the
Internet Marketing for Architects Training Course!

Eric Bobrow - Teacher of Marketing for ArchitectsMy specially-designed course teaches the best and most effective Internet Marketing strategies that WORK for Architects and building design professionals.

This course is your KEY to developing the right kind of marketing plan and platform for your online promotional efforts.

Sign up for this training custom-made for architects and designers and you’ll have a roadmap and an easy-to-follow system that will give you the best results possible in the shortest period of time.

  • Learn how to increase your online visibility and website traffic to generate serious inquiries from active and engaged leads.
  • Gain a steady flow of prospective clients that are interested in your work
  • Develop follow-up systems that keep you in touch with prospects with minimal effort
  • These people will get to know, like and trust you – so they WANT to work with you on their next design project!
“I had been looking for how to get a better handle on online marketing and Eric Bobrow’s course was just the thing! He is excellent at making new concepts clear. Internet Marketing for Architects goes into a variety of subjects at just the right depth.


Now I have a good plan on how to get ahead of the pack in attracting the growing numbers of online searchers looking for a high quality architect.”

Douglas Coe Architect; Berkeley CA USA

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“The number of new project inquiries has dramatically increased after our work in the Internet Marketing Course.


It is well worth the time and effort invested in developing a good online presence. I am really happy with the look and feel of our website which we put together with guidance from Eric Bobrow and his team. And I’m extremely pleased to see that we now rank at the top of Google for many of our primary keyword searches.”

Roderick Anderson, Sarco Architects; Costa Rica and Panama


How to Have More Visitors, More Calls, and More New Clients

More and more of your potential clients are searching on the internet to find an architect to design their new house or commercial property, or plan a remodel or extension.

Are they finding you? Not yet, if you’re like most architects who haven’t learned the smart ways to increase their online visibility.

This program will give you the step by step guide to getting new visitors to your WEBSITE and PORTFOLIO directly from the first page of search engines.

If you increased the number of visitors to your website in an average month by 150, and 10% of them contacted you for work, that’s 15 new leads every month. What increase in revenue does that equate to for you? These are the type of results that I want you and your business to receive with this training.

Step-by-Step Video Guides that Make it Simple

Marketing yourself online can be tricky and confusing at first, but it’s simple when you have good training. Just like my world-famous ArchiCAD tutorials (which now have over 500,000 views on YouTube), you get my “trademark” simple step-by-step audio and video guides that show you the process and explain the principles in ways that make it easy to understand.

Learn tips and master shortcuts that will save your architectural firm time, money and headaches, avoiding mistakes and getting straight to the point: bringing in more business.

I’ve Been Where You Are Now

I’ve been where you are: having talent, experience and passion yet struggling and wondering how to find the right kind of clients, the ones who needed what I had to offer.

I figured out how to do it, and will teach it to you so you never have to worry about having enough clients again.

Designed for Architects, Tested and Proven to Work – Around the World

I have taught these methods to architectural firms from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Norway, Greece, Switzerland, Iceland, Australia, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, Costa Rica and Thailand.

Recently we ran a marketing test with a group of architectural firms to analyze how well these methods worked. Here are REAL website statistics from JHD Architects (Kent UK), one of the participants after just 8 weeks of using these techniques. This is a screen shot as reported in their Google Analytics account.

Improvement in website performance using smart Internet Marketing techniques specifically designed for architects

To help you understand what this chart is communicating and how important it is, here are explanations of two of the statistics:

  1. Visits – A 58.3% increase in site visits (from 228 the previous month to 361 this month) – more visits means more potential customers.
  2. Pageviews – A 108.3% increase in the number of pages viewed by site visitors (from 684 to 1,425). More page views means the information provided on the site is truly helpful to visitors, and the longer a visitor stays on the site and the more pages they view, the more likely they are to become customers.

You’ll be given the exact same blueprint that helped increase visits by 58.3% for JHD Architects in just a few weeks. If you need more eyes on your website and portfolio, then this information is perfect for you.

“Recently, our firm joined Eric Bobrow’s Internet Marketing For Architects training program. After the second webinar session, we found ourselves wondering how we did our marketing without him. Eric’s training is clear, informative, practical and well-prepared.


We are getting for more enquiries than ever before. Each of the past few months, since we started this program, we were invited to submit proposals for 4 or 5 new projects; when typically we have averaged about one web enquiry a month.”

Susan Ball, jhd Architects, Kent UK


Recently I interviewed Susan and Tim Ball of jhd Architects for my Architect Marketing Coaching Program. I asked them how much work had come in directly from web inquiries. Tim opened up a spreadsheet with a carefully tabulated list of clients, divided neatly into projects they had won, those that they were waiting to hear from, and those they had lost.

I was totally floored when Tim reported calmly:

“In the past 12 months, we have signed 22 clients directly from web inquiries with a projected total revenue of 331,500 pounds [about $530,000 USD]. To be frank, we won’t be billing for all of this in the next 12 months, because projects often take more than one year to complete. But nevertheless, we have a pipeline of 300,000 pounds of new work which has come from the web, which is fantastic!”

The difference that an effective website and online marketing strategy has made for their firm is truly like night and day.

“I can feel your system working for me already. I felt it was super helpful to be doing all the things you were discussing. There were a lot of little details I didn’t know I was doing wrong until your course.


I would highly recommend this course to others. I feel it’s a game plan for success.  I’ve been following Eric’s strategy for three months and I can honestly say I can see the difference it is making already… By the last class, the course had already paid for itself, investing in marketing that works is the best thing you can do for your business. If you are concerned about ROI or don’t know what it means, you need to take Eric’s course.”

Dylan Chappell Architects; Carpinteria CA USA

Save 100’s of $$$ Every Month on Advertising

The cost per click to advertise for architect searches on Google

In the Internet Marketing for Architects Course, you’ll learn how to get clicks from Google, Yahoo, and Bing without paying for additional cost-per-click advertising.

This can save you hundreds of dollars each month as your competition will be paying up to $3 PER CLICK just to have someone look at their website. You’ll be getting the same visitors to your website just by implementing the marketing practices you learn in this program.

“The Bobrow 12 session course on Internet Marketing for Architects is a must for any firm who wants to learn how their website can more effectively become a marketing tool for their firm. I attended the course and the 12 weeks passed very quickly – I am now suffering withdrawal symptoms.


This is a ‘must do’ course for architects. I only wish I had seen this a few years ago when first setting up our firm’s web site. Still it’s not too late to make improvements. Well worth the money.”

- Brian Lewis, acla:works; Westmoorings, Trinidad

Here’s What You Get in the
Internet Marketing for Architects Training


Internet Marketing for Architects DVD disksLevel 1 – First Steps: Intro to Marketing on the Internet

  • A. Overview of Visibility, Traffic, Conversion and Client Acquisition; Introduction to Search Keyword Analysis
  • B. On-page optimization – content development, site navigation, eye-candy
  • C. Local Marketing – Google + Local pages and other listing services
  • D. Off-site optimization – Press Release Marketing

By the end of Level 1, you will have an improved understanding of how to focus your online strategy for maximum effectiveness. You’ll know how to create content oriented to the primary keywords that prospective clients use when searching for your services, so that your website starts to rise in the search engine pages. You will know how to claim and set up your local listings to increase your visibility, and be able to write up  stories about your firm to submit as press releases to quickly improve your search rankings.

Internet Marketing for Architects DVD disksLevel 2 – Going Deeper to Get in Front of More Potential Customers

  • A. Introduction to WordPress – taking control of your website
  • B. On-page optimization – URL, Title, H, ALT and Meta tags
  • C. Local Marketing – enhancing your listings (reviews, pictures, etc.)
  • D. Off-site optimization – Video Marketing

By the end of Level 2, you will be in position to take control of your own online destiny – knowing the basics of working with WordPress so that you can add pages about projects and post articles on your own blog. You’ll learn some of the rather simple but little-understood technical details that help search engines such as Google analyze your pages, so that they will more likely rank them in the search results. You’ll be able to develop your local listing pages further to make them more attractive and increase the percentage of visitors that contact you. By this step in this marketing for architects program, you’ll take another large step towards increasing the “authority” of your site, improving its ranking position, by starting to create short videos using easy tools that you probably already have on your computer.

Internet Marketing for Architects DVD disksLevel 3 – Traffic and Conversion: Turning Visitors into More Customers Than You Can Handle

  • A. Fresh content – creating and maintaining a blog
  • B. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • C. Lead magnets and opt-ins
  • D. Developing an email list and follow-up strategy

By the end of Level 3, you’ll have an entire working strategy for developing a relationship with visitors to your website. You’ll have easy-to-follow ideas and methods for adding fresh content to your site with a minimum of time and effort, and leveraging this automatically through social media with no additional work. You’ll be starting to accumulate a list of leads – people who have visited your site who have given you their email address so that they can read an article or report or watch a video that provides them valuable information and guidance. You’ll understand how to follow up with these leads in a way that they appreciate and that will take little direct effort on your part.

When you have completed the Internet Marketing for Architects Course
you’ll be head and shoulders above where you are now,
and far more knowledgeable than most of your peers.

You will be in a prime position to rank highly in internet searches by prospective clients in your area, while at the same time developing a website that visitors enjoy and want to come back to more than once…which will make them eager to talk and meet with you when the time is right to discuss their design project!

TOTAL = 20 hours of powerful training lessons

“Internet Marketing for Architects illustrates a fresh and targeted approach to properly developing architectural websites and promoting them in effective and dynamic fashion. The result is better websites, strategically designed to attract clients, broaden reach and exposure, and to help communicate your depth of knowledge.


It is clear how this type of attention to the design of your website will better engage your potential clients and demonstrate your expertise and ultimately win more projects.”

- Mark Benner, Architect; Chicago Illinois, USA


Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Of course, I’d like the opportunity to resolve any problems or issues you have. But regardless, if you aren’t happy, I don’t want to keep your money. You have better things to do with it than spend it on something you don’t want to keep.

Eric Bobrow - Internet Marketing for ArchitectsAll you have to do is email me within 90 days to say that you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth from the course, and I’ll refund your credit card or PayPal account.

By the way – over 22 years, I can count on my fingers how many times I had to give money back to people who weren’t happy with my service or the products I sold to them. It’s a pretty good track record that I’m extremely proud of. That’s why I’m not worried about offering a lengthy guarantee…

“Eric’s ‘Internet Marketing course for Architects’ has been very worthwhile and explains many of the ever changing and expending web concepts in a simple and effective way. I like the down to earth approach – and advice where to spend money and other areas where Eric believes this is not needed. Plenty of tips on web site creation, content and management – I would recommend this course with confidence.”
Richard Hewitt, Hewitt Designs; Kelowna BC Canada

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“A great course for Architects looking to get out in front. ”
David Bitter, Solera Homes; Atlanta GA USA
“I really enjoyed the Internet Marketing for Architects course. Your hands-on explanation of each topic clearly identified what it takes to create a successful website. Design professionals updating their existing website or considering a new website should take this course – I would definitely recommend the course whether building a website from scratch or hiring the work. Your course has saved me time and money!


You have leveraged your knowledge of the building design industry and expertise in website design while maintaining a focus on marketing design services in a professional manner. I believe you have very effectively blended the marketing, technical and creative aspects, which most architects would relate to strongly. ”

Don Schleining, Architect; Omaha Nebraska USA
“I found this to be an essential part of any Architect or Design professional’s practice. It is the way of the future for any kind of business really. No doubt about it.


The way Eric Bobrow presents it, is a very easy way to understand and implement it so that everyone can benefit from using these Marketing principles. ”

Charles Hefner Architect; Studio City CA USA
“I know marketing is key. BUT … emotionally, artistically … I have hesitated for over 4 years to do anything about it. After all, I am a “gentleman architect”, but almost broke. Eric has made internet marketing resonate for me. Shown me examples of how it is working for other architects.


I now realize I admired other architect sites for the architecture and pictures, but when I look for services – I want testimonials, information, details – Eric made me see the big difference between my online behaviour versus what I naively expect my potential clients to do online – huge gap! I now know why my web site is a sinker (great pictures by the way!). My game plan now is focus on getting prospects – not just to display my fab! ;> work.


I can’t tell you how happy I am with the course. The examples and suggestions are always welcome. In addition to being visual – I am WHY guy too, I have to have the visual website examples, with blow by blow explanations of why they work so well. The webinars and online Q&A can’t be beat. Love it! I agree with Brian, session 4 was inspirational. After participating in it I worked past midnight to get the basics set up so I can continue this journey.”

Mark Moscrip Architect; Atlanta GA USA
“Thank you Eric for putting together this wonderful & informative course. IMHO it should be a part of core curriculum at all architectural colleges! Your meticulous instructions are astounding.”
- Dilip Trivedi, Architect; Las Vegas, NV, USA
“The Course opened the door to the world that I wondered about and was amazed how engaging it became. It also built a great deal of confidence that despite busy schedules I can design my own webpage while incorporating SEO items that will make my presence on line really important.


The course was an eye opener and motivator to do something on internet that will benefit my firm and my Clients. The topic was perfect for the times. The presenter was very engaging and informative in his narrative. The samples and examples were just perfect and easy to follow. The entire course was like watching a nail-biting sitcom or reading a great book that were retained and understood.


The course is fantastic. It is like I do not want the class to end. I can see how robust my firm is going to get after I do this work. The best part of it is that we (Eric’s students) are only a small group in context to the number of firms out there world wide or even here in California, and we will have a tremendous advantage because of the course.”

- Marek Stoklosa, Architect; Pleasanton California, USA
“The most important take-away from the IM for Architects Course was the realization what can be done in the way of marketing and that you don’t have to be a computer geek to do this yourself.


You can learn a lot from many people – but Eric you go beyond that and are a constant source of inspiration.”

- Gestur Olafsson, SAV; Reykjavik, Iceland
“This course is saving me lots of time in figuring out what to do. It will enable me to build a better, more optimized site.


Eric’s course on Marketing for Architects is essential for strategizing, creating, building, maintaining and benefiting from an online presence. Our profession needs to embrace this technology as it empowers us to not only differentiate ourselves, but more importantly, to educate and inform. Eric’s dedication and passion for this training is providing a valuable service. I give it my highest recommendation.”

- Roger East AIA; Los Angeles CA USA
“I have been urged by many to construct and publish a website, but in all the pitches and promotions I have been involved in none come close to the information, clear thinking, and confidence you have provided.


You are to be commended not only for what you (over) deliver, but also for what I clearly see as an understanding and if I may say, a compassion, for the overall design profession, the architecture profession in particular, and as I can attest to, your concern for people.   While we have never met in person, I consider you a friend for life.”

- Kenneth J. Filarski, FAIA; Cranston RI USA

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