Architect Marketing - Coaching Program

This program makes it easy for you to get your online marketing rolling:
  • Don’t get bogged down working on your own – you’ll always have a guide to help you stay on track
  • Get personalized feedback, analysis and critique for your website & marketing plan, and encouragement to keep on going
  • Keep up to date on the latest and most effective techniques for marketing your design firm
  • Get insight into what’s working successfully for other architects and building designers
With my support, you’ll stay focused and ahead of the game, and your marketing will bring in new clients and projects, month after month.


Eric Bobrow - Teacher of Marketing for ArchitectsArchitect marketing strategies in recent years have changed a great deal and will continue to evolve in future months and years ahead.  Every month search engines change their algorithms and online platforms and marketing methods are created or morph into new forms.

I recognize this and stay on the pulse of the online market as part of several mastermind groups and continue to invest in additional training and research.

My Internet Marketing for Architects Course teaches you the basics. With this ongoing program I’ll keep you up to date on the most essential information required to stay ahead of your competition, ranking highly in searches and getting a steady flow of project inquiries.

The Architect Marketing Coaching Program is a monthly membership program to help you market and promote your firm.

As a complement to the IM for Architects course, it provides ongoing guidance and support for you to develop and improve your online promotional strategy.

“The Course opened the door to the world that I wondered about and was amazed how engaging it became. It also built a great deal of confidence that despite busy schedules I can design my own webpage while incorporating SEO items that will make my presence on line really important.


The course is fantastic. It is like I do not want the class to end. I can see how robust my firm is going to get after I do this work.”

- Marek Stoklosa, Architect; Pleasanton California, USA

Always Have Support, Never be Left “Hanging Alone”

It can be difficult to keep yourself on track when taking on a task like marketing your business online.  I know, I’ve been there, and it’s only with the help and support of my closest marketing confidants that I’ve accomplished what I have today.  Being in a coaching environment gives you a stable foundation even when the winds of life start to blow.  By surrounding yourself with a group of colleagues with similar goals, you are much more likely to succeed.

One of the most important benefits you will get with the Architect Marketing Coaching Program is this very environment.  You will be in a group of architects continuously improving their online strategy.  You will be led by me personally, and receive ongoing support and answers to your questions when you need them the most.

“Eric’s ‘Internet Marketing course for Architects’ has been very worthwhile and explains many of the ever changing and expanding web concepts in a simple and effective way. I like the down to earth approach – and advice where to spend money and other areas where Eric believes this is not needed. Plenty of tips on web site creation, content and management – I would recommend this course with confidence.”
- Richard Hewitt, Hewitt Designs; Kelowna British Columbia, Canada
The Latest, Most Effective Architect Marketing Strategies to Keep Your Business on Top

To keep you up to date on the latest and most effective online marketing strategies, each month there will be one new lesson on an internet marketing topic relevant to and specifically tailored to the needs of architects and other building design professionals. This will be delivered live as a GoToWebinar presentation, and also recorded for permanent reference in the member area.

This ongoing education will make sure that your knowledge, understanding and skills continue to develop. Your website will become more optimized over time, and perform better and better in the search engine listings, provide a more compelling experience for visitors, and bring in more serious inquiries for design work, and more clients and projects.

“The most important take-away from the IM for Architects Course was the realization what can be done in the way of marketing and that you don’t have to be a computer geek to do this yourself.

You can learn a lot from many people – but Eric you go beyond that and are a constant source of inspiration. ”

- Gestur Olafsson, SAV; Reykjavik, Iceland
Expert, Personal Critique of Your Website & Marketing

I know that it’s essential to make all this training personal to your business.  In addition to the training session, each month there will be one GoToWebinar coaching session for program participants. We’ll look at member websites, and I’ll give an analysis and provide feedback and guidance for how they can be improved. We’ll study what is going right (the good stuff, what they’ve accomplished), and what could be better.

In addition, time will be given for both personal and general questions and advice on any topic related to internet marketing and growing a design firm’s business.  This way, you can get live and personal consultation to continue to improve your marketing.

“The Bobrow 12 session course on Internet Marketing for Architects is a must for any firm who wants to learn how their website can more effectively become a marketing tool for their firm. I attended the course and the 12 weeks passed very quickly – I am now suffering withdrawal symptoms.”
- Brian Lewis, acla:works; Westmoorings, Trinidad


SUMMARY – Architect Marketing Coaching Program

Each month you will receive:

  • Coaching & motivation to keep your marketing moving forward
  • One “leading edge” training lesson to keep you at the top of the search engines
  • One coaching session focused on website reviews and Q&A
  • Unlimited email support – ask me anything you like about your website or marketing strategies

All this for only $97 per month!
(no contract, month to month basis).

Sign up now:
This coaching program is what you need to get your online marketing rolling,
and bring in more clients and projects, month after month!

Internet Marketing for Architects Coaching Program

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Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Of course, I’d like the opportunity to resolve any problems or issues you have. But regardless, if you aren’t happy, I don’t want to keep your money. You have better things to do with it than spend it on something you don’t feel has been worthwhile.

Eric Bobrow - Internet Marketing for ArchitectsAll you have to do is email me within 90 days to say that you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth from the Architect Marketing Coaching Program, and I’ll refund your credit card or PayPal account.

By the way – over 22 years, I can count on my fingers how many times I had to give money back to people who weren’t happy with my service or the products I sold to them. It’s a pretty good track record that I’m extremely proud of. That’s why I’m not worried about offering a lengthy guarantee…


“We’ve been working with Eric now for several months and continue to be amazed not only by the depth and breadth of his internet marketing knowledge but also by his ability to share it so clearly and convincingly through his Webinars and training materials.”

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“Internet Marketing for Architects illustrates a fresh and targeted approach to properly developing architectural websites and promoting them in effective and dynamic fashion. The result is better websites, strategically designed to attract clients, broaden reach and exposure, and to help communicate your depth of knowledge. It is clear how this type of attention to the design of your website will better engage your potential clients and demonstrate your expertise and ultimately win more projects.”
- Mark Benner, Architect; Chicago Illinois, USA