Architect Marketing - JumpStart Program

Don’t have time or simply don’t want to do the marketing yourself?
Afraid of doing it wrong or getting too distracted from your design work?

If marketing isn’t your strong suit, and you want an effective online strategy rolling right away to bring in new work – hire the architect marketing experts to do it for you!

  • Stay focused on your architectural work and let the website traffic and leads come in for you.
  • Save yourself the time it takes to market your business, likely several hours each week.
  • Make sure all the “t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted” and never skip a vital marketing step.
  • Get continuing support with the Architect Marketing Coaching Program, included with all packages.
Get the results in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself!

Eric Bobrow - Teacher of Marketing for ArchitectsDo you have the time to implement all the new business-building skills and techniques covered in the Internet Marketing for Architects Course?

It may be difficult to satisfy your clients and at the same time market your business, especially when you’re busy designing and meeting submission deadlines for proposals and construction documents.

To help you with this, I have put together three packages of services that my team, under my supervision, can implement for your business.  They are affordable, complete, and let you focus on what you do well and leave the larger part of your online marketing to my team.

Many architects and building design professionals have asked me for help with website development or with planning and executing a marketing plan. Here is how we can do this for you.

Architect Marketing Services that Work

My team has worked with many architecture firms like yours and achieved outstanding results. Some had websites that needed updating, others had no website at all. We are ready to offer the highly effective strategies and methods we have developed and refined to jumpstart your marketing plan.

Firms that have used our program are head and shoulders above where they were only a few months earlier:

  • They rank highly in Google for dozens of different keyword searches, whereas before the program they were hardly seen in the search results at all.
  • Their website traffic has increased several fold.
  • And most importantly: instead of getting just a handful of leads from their website over the course of a year, they are now getting an average of 4 or 5 inquiries on new projects every month.

Sign up now and we’ll get you the results you need.

“We’ve been working with Eric now for several months and continue to be amazed not only by the depth and breadth of his internet marketing knowledge but also by his ability to share it so clearly and convincingly through his Webinars and training materials.

Having participated in the original Internet Marketing For Architects Case Study Programme, we then asked Eric to help us redesign our website which he did with the efficiency and sensitivity which are his hallmarks.

At this point, with the new website as well as the combined effects of the press release and promotional video marketing efforts, we are seeing a dramatic increase in clients contacting us about new projects. We now rank very highly on our primary keyword searches, and are averaging 4 or 5 inquiries per month, whereas previously we had less than one per month.”

Susan Ball, jhd Architects, Kent UK

The primary methods we use to achieve such dramatic results:

  • Keyword analysis for your design practice – determining which keywords to target that will give you the most traction with regards to potential clients searching for what you have to offer
  • Website critique and planning – an analysis of your current website, pinpointing important areas to improve in terms of navigation, presentation, SEO and the conversion of visitors into leads and eventually clients
  • Specific guidance, and in some cases actual copywriting and tweaking of website content for SEO and conversion
  • Local Marketing – claiming and optimizing listings in Google + Local / Google Places, Bing and Yahoo, and optionally a host of other local directory services. These increase your online footprint, expand the reach and visibility of your firm through multiple channels, and boost the number of backlinks to your website.
  • Press Release and Article Marketing – our team will take your input, write and distribute professional press releases that highlight recent developments or your current achievements or plans. We also can offer an alternative or supplemental approach in which articles or website blog posts are created on a regular basis so you continue to have fresh content on your site that is backlinked from other web locations. These can quickly raise your online profile so that your site can rank more highly in searches.
  • Video Marketing – our team will turn your images and basic concept outline into an attractive video presentation, and post this on your YouTube channel (if you don’t have one, we’ll set it up) as well as distribute it to a variety of other online portals. In addition, we’ll place these onto your website as “eye candy” to enhance the visual appeal and improve the effectiveness of delivering your message to visitors.

  • Creation or Migration of Your Website – we can create a website for you from your project photos and work with you to strategize, develop and fine-tune your marketing message. If you have a current website, we can migrate it to WordPress, maintaining or enhancing the visual appearance and SEO. In either case, we will set it up so you can easily post new content to your blog as well as create new project portfolio or other custom pages on your own.
Search Ranking and Analytics Results [Excerpts]

Here is a short summary of the dramatic improvements in website search rankings and the number of visitors for three of the firms in our Architect Marketing Program.

jhd Architects, Kent UK

  • # of Ranking Keywords at Beginning of Case Study: 4 Total, 1 on Page 1
    # of Ranking Keywords at End of Case Study: 73 Total, 23 on Page 1

Important Keywords: (Just a small sample of rank improvements)
Architect Sevenoaks Kent – Previously Not Found, Now Page 2
Design Architect Sevenoaks Kent – Previously Not Found, Now Page 1
Architecture firms Sevenoaks Kent – Previously Not Found, Now Page 1, First Position
Home architect Sevenoaks Kent – Previously Not Found, Now Page 1, 2, and 3

  • Visits: Increase of 172.57% (From 226 to 616)
    Unique Visitors: Increase of 129.79% (From 188 to 432)
    Pageviews: Increase of 109.27% (From 1,003 to 2,099)

Homeplan Designs, Lytham UK

  • # of Ranking Keywords at Beginning of Case Study: 28 Total, 5 on Page 1
    # of Ranking Keywords at End of Case Study: 83 Total, 59 on Page 1

Important Keywords: (Just a small sample of rank improvements)
Architect Lytham Lancashire: Previously Page 1 7th Position, Now Page 1 First Position
Home designer Blackpool Lancashire: Previously Not Found, Now Page 1
Home designer Lytham Lancashire: Previously Page 2, Now Page 1 First Position

  • Visits: Increase of 94.65% (From 299 to 582)
    Unique Visitors: Increase of 211.25% (From 160 to 498)

Sarco Architects, Costa Rica

  • # of Ranking Keywords at Beginning of Case Study: 4 Total, 2 on Page 1
    # of Ranking Keywords at End of Case Study: 68 Total, 57 on Page 1

Important Keywords: (Just a small sample of rank improvements)
Architect Costa Rica: Previously Page 2, Now Page 1 First Position
Architect Panama: Previously Not Found, Now Page 1

  • Visits: Increase of 162.26% (From 318 to 834)
    Unique Visitors: Increase of 644.09% (From 93 to 692)
    Pageviews: Increase of 263.06% (From 2,239 to 8,129)
What are the Architect Marketing Service Packages?

JumpStart BRONZE

This Program is great for an architectural firm on a budget.

It includes all the essentials to get your local business noticed and receiving traffic: basic keyword research and website critique, claiming and optimizing your local listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well as creation of one Press Release or Article, one Promotional Video, and distribution of both.

You get two half hour personal one-on-one consultations with me and limited additional support.

As a bonus, you also get with this package 3 months of the IM for Architects Coaching Program for free.

JumpStart SILVER

For many design firms with an existing website ready to optimize, this package is ideal.

It includes more extensive keyword research and website critique, stronger local registration, including the top three as in the Bronze package, plus submission to dozens more over the following three months.

Far more promotional materials are created and submitted, this time with 3 press releases or articles and up to 5 videos as well as social bookmarking of all your website pages.

With this package you also get more personal coaching time: two one hour sessions.

In addition, you also get 6 months of the IM for Architects Coaching Program for free.

JumpStart GOLD

This package is the most effective one for architectural firms in competitive markets, and for those who need a new or migrated website.

It includes everything from the Silver plus additional local submissions over 6 months, up to 6 Press Releases and/or Articles and up to 10 Promotional Videos.

Included with this package is a complete website migration or the creation of a new website, maximizing total layout, navigation, conversion, and search engine pickup.

You get 6, one hour personal one-on-one coaching sessions with me and unlimited e-mail support.

If you are in a large, highly competitive area and don’t want to shortchange your efforts, this package will give you everything you need.

As a bonus, with this program you will get 12 months of the IM for Architects Coaching program for free.

JumpStart Plans Summary

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Architect Marketing JumpStart – Application Process

When you click the Sign Up button, you’ll proceed through the shopping cart checkout to pay a $250 refundable deposit.

Within one business day, I personally will contact you and we’ll arrange a 15 minute Skype or phone call to discuss the JumpStart Program and make sure there is a good fit. I’ll expect you to fill in a brief information form to give me some background on your firm and your marketing goals.

It is important to do this short interview before admitting you into the JumpStart Program. There is limited space and I want to make sure that we are working with clients that will get the most benefit from our services.

If for any reason either of us decides at that point not to proceed with the JumpStart Program for your firm, your deposit will be immediately refunded.

Don’t Put Off Your Marketing – Let Us Do It!

These services will allow you to get ahead in your local market with far less time and effort.  If you realize that you just simply do not have the resources to implement your marketing campaign alone, choosing one of these packages will put it in our hands to be completed.

Get started today with the most effective marketing investment you can make for your firm. By enhancing your online presence, and pursuing an optimized marketing strategy with expert assistance, you will propel your firm to a much larger “top line” – more clients and more design work coming in the door.

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Of course, I’d like the opportunity to resolve any problems or issues you have. But regardless, if you aren’t happy, I don’t want to keep your money. You have better things to do with it than spend it on something you don’t want to keep.

Eric Bobrow - Internet Marketing for ArchitectsAll you have to do is email me within 90 days to say that you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth from the JumpStart Program, and I’ll refund your credit card or PayPal account.

By the way – over 22 years, I can count on my fingers how many times I had to give money back to people who weren’t happy with my service or the products I sold to them. It’s a pretty good track record that I’m extremely proud of. That’s why I’m not worried about offering a lengthy guarantee…