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Special 3 Month Case Study Program

Eric Bobrow, Creator of the Internet Marketing for Architects course and websiteThank you for your interest in my Internet Marketing “Case Study” Program.

The services provided in this marketing program will improve and work towards optimizing your internet presence. A coordinated strategy will maximize your exposure to people searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing, as well as other major local search sites, increasing the number who contact you to discuss your professional services. The ultimate goal is to help you bring in more clients and projects into your design office.

This document will give you an explanation of the aims, methods and tactics that will be employed, and the results you may expect to achieve. To participate in this special program, a fee of $1,500 USD is required, which covers all the services outlined in this document. This is a greatly reduced amount compared to what consulting services like this normally cost.

Because there will be personal attention given to each participant, there are a limited number of spaces available. If you are seriously interested in joining the program, please review the Consulting Services Agreement and claim your spot in the Internet Marketing Case Study Program on this page:
Internet Marketing for Architects Case Study Program – Consulting Services Agreement.

I will be working with a team of experienced internet marketing consultants to help you get the most benefit out of this program. We will be logging everything and write up the process and results of these efforts as case studies that will be referenced when my Internet Marketing for Architects course is launched later this year.

The bulk of the “legwork” will be done by my consulting team, but I will remain involved throughout and will offer you a series of webinar training and Q&A sessions as we go along. You will get a lot of personal attention as we monitor and optimize these strategies over the next three months.


We will work with you to properly set up listings in local search directories, give you specific guidance on revisions and development of your website, and distribute press releases and promotional videos to extend your network.

Ultimately, this integrated approach will help you bring in more clients and projects into your business and have a positive ROI.

Before beginning the program we will create a report to show you exactly where you are currently in the search rankings for the most important search terms that clients use when they are trying to find a firm like yours.

You’ll see where you stand, how visible you are (or are not) when prospective clients search, where you’re not listed that you could be, and who IS getting seen and getting the calls for projects that could be yours!

On a monthly basis, we will update this report to indicate progress and to identify opportunities or areas that require more attention.


This internet marketing program includes the following components which will be adapted as needed for your business. These tactics will jumpstart your online presence to maximize your visibility.

1. Initial Assessment

We will look at your current website and online marketing materials, discuss them with you, and provide an analysis and evaluation. We’ll provide best practices recommendations for internet marketing tactics to focus on in the context of promoting your business.

2. Keyword Research

We will figure out what Keyword Terms are being used to search for your services. This way we can focus on the most important keywords that will bring customers to you.

3. Online Search Engine Registration

We will claim and fully optimize your Local Listing Pages on Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. Your listing in Google Places is often one of the most important places for your services to be promoted. Optimizing your listings includes filling in your categories, pictures, videos, text, and organizing your reviews (see below for more details).

4. Comprehensive Update of Online Business Information

We will establish business citations in an extensive network of Online Business Directories to ensure accurate business information.

5. Website Optimization

We will synchronize and coordinate your local listings with your website to build a strong foundation for your online marketing. We will give you guidance for other changes that you can implement to improve your site effectiveness.

6. Photo Promotion Campaign

We will select, optimize, Geo-tag and upload pictures that you provide to your local listings pages and promotion sites to increase your search engine rank strength.

7. Video Promotion Campaign

We will create 5 video commercials to post on major video sharing sites which will connect and reinforce links to your local listings and your website.

8. Article and Press Release Campaign

We will submit articles and Press Releases to several popular online publications, linking back to your website and including your contact information. This, again, helps build your ranking.

9. Customer Review Promotion

We will work with you and your customers to post so that your listing will get noticed (a “star rating” will often appear in Google Places after at least 5 reviews are posted). This increases the conversion rate, which is the percentage of people who take action after seeing your listing and actually contact you.

10. Extending Your Network

Massive distribution and bookmarking of your content across the internet will link back to your website and include your contact information.

11. Ongoing Statistical Analysis and Review

Monthly statistical reports will track and allow you to see what is happening with your online efforts.

This set of services will create the foundation of a strong long term plan for ranking your site prominently across the top search engines. Results will depend somewhat on your current local ranking and the level of competition in your market, however all efforts are directed to get you moving towards the top of Google and other search engines during this 3 month time frame.

After the 3 month period concludes, you will have the option of continuing these services to further strengthen your internet presence.


As you know, this is a new venture for me. I’ve become very familiar with this landscape, having focused on internet-based marketing actively over the past several years.

We’ll be working with expert consultants that I have hand-picked, and I fully expect this to be an enjoyable, productive and profitable experience for all of us. Your investment in this program will pay itself back as you reap the rewards of a more competitive and effective promotional strategy, one that is especially optimized for you as an architect or building design professional.

If you have questions about the program, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you would like to discuss the program with me directly before you sign up, please email me or call me at +1-415-479-4284 or Skype me at EricBobrow.

Spaces are extremely limited for this program. To review the Consulting Services Agreement and sign up, please use this link:
Internet Marketing for Architects Case Study Program – Consulting Services Agreement

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. I look forward to working with you and helping you become more successful and profitable.

Best regards,

Eric Bobrow
Bobrow Consulting Group

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