Internet Marketing for Architects - Coaching Program

How will this coaching program help you?

Eric Bobrow - Teacher of Marketing for ArchitectsMarketing over the last year or two has changed a great deal and will continue to change in future months and years ahead.  Every month search engines change their algorithms and online platforms and marketing methods are created or evolve.  I recognize this and stay on the pulse of the online market as part of several mastermind groups and continue to invest in additional training and research.  Just as you’ve learned a great deal from me already, you can stay up to date on all the essential information that is required to keep ahead of your competition.

The IM for Architects Coaching Program is a new monthly membership program to help you market and promote your design firm. As a complement to the IM for Architects course, it will provide ongoing guidance and support for members to continue developing and improving their online promotional strategy.

Ongoing Support & Training

To keep you up to date on the latest and most effective online marketing strategies, each month, there will be one new lesson on an internet marketing topic relevant to and specifically tailored to the needs of architects and other building design professionals. This will be delivered live as a GoToWebinar presentation, and also recorded for permanent reference in the member area.

This ongoing education will make sure that your knowledge, understanding and skills continue to develop. Your website will become more optimized over time, and perform better and better in the search engine listings, provide a more compelling experience for visitors, bring in more serious inquiries for design work, and more clients and projects.

Specific Website Analysis & Feedback

I know that it’s essential to make all this training personal to your business.  In addition to the training session, each month there will be one GoToWebinar coaching session for program participants. We’ll look at one or two member websites, and I’ll give an analysis and provide feedback and guidance for how they can be improved. We’ll study what is going right (the good stuff, what they’ve accomplished), and what could be better.

In addition, time will be given for both personal and general questions and advice on any topic related to internet marketing and growing a design firm’s business.  This way, you can get live and personal consultation to continue to improve your marketing.

New Content Written for You Every Month

Many architects have told me they they are not very good writers, though they understand how important it is to add new content to their website.  To help you with this and to set up attractive lead magnets to generate opt-ins for your email list, each month I will commission and deliver at least one new high quality article or report that you can use or adapt as you please.

These pieces will be written by an architect under my direction. You may place them on your site as a blog post or a lead magnet (offering an item for download in exchange for an email opt-in). You will have permission to rebrand this material, and present it without attribution or with your own byline.

In summary – each month you will get :
  • One “cutting edge” training lesson
  • One coaching session focused on website reviews and Q&A
  • At least one piece of high-quality content that you can add to your own website.

The fee for this coaching program is only $97 per month, with no contract, payable on a month to month basis.

Introductory Special Offer

Lock in a low rate during our intro sale

If you’re ready to sign up right now, I’ll give you an even better value. As an introductory offer during the month of November, you may subscribe for only $67 per month.

Your rate will be locked in, so you’ll be guaranteed this rate for life.

Sign up for a full year at an incredible discount

If this sounds like exactly what you need, jump in with both feet: subscribe for a full year for only $497 for 12 full months.

(This is a limited time offer, and may be withdrawn at any time.)

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