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Learn in this step-by-step case study how you can copy the stunning success secrets discovered by a small architecture firm in Los Angeles who followed a dead simple, foolproof strategy that shot them to the top of the search engines and now consistently generates more business than they can handle.

This is for you if…

  • You’re an architect or building designer, and you need more new clients and projects
  • Your marketing methods aren’t working that well
  • You have been so busy keeping everything going that you haven’t been able to market your business effectively

Maybe you’ve never really actively marketed, and always relied on word of mouth…or perhaps you’re just getting started, and don’t know what to do to establish and grow your business.

Some firms are getting busy as the economy improves – is yours?

Was 2013 a good year for your business? If you don’t make some real changes, how can next year be any better?

Bottom Line: Can you afford to wait any longer?

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  • The blind spot most architects share – and how to fix it once and for all
  • The 9 most common mistakes architects make with their websites and marketing materials
  • How a small firm was able to compete in a large city, and how you can too
  • 5 effective, easy to implement ideas you can use right away to bring more visitors to your website, and ultimately more new clients and projects

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An Inspiring Example

Do a search in Google for “modern architect Los Angeles” and you’ll find Modative, a small firm sitting firmly atop the listings in this huge city. Principals Derek Leavitt, Michael Scott and Christian Navar have been clients of mine for over a decade, and I’ve been excited to see their growing success.

Derek Leavitt - Modative Modern Architecture Los AngelesIn the depths of the recession in 2009, the firm was struggling. Architect Derek Leavitt started learning and applying internet marketing strategies to reconfigure their website and online strategy, and within 4 months they had increased their web traffic 6 times and their active leads 4 times over!

Modative now gets 90% of their work from their online efforts, and they have as much work as they can handle. They can pick and choose their preferred projects, because clients are finding them online and seeking them out.

We’ll take a look at this remarkable story, and discover how Modative did it.

More important – you’ll learn how you can do the same thing for your firm.


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If they learn these methods and you don’t, well…what can I say? It’s going to make it much harder for you!


Attend the webinar to get a free Internet Marketing Cheat Sheet that will give you an overview of how all the pieces fit together. Like a building plan, when you understand the relationship, arrangement and flow between the various parts, you can start to optimize your own strategy.

I’ll also give you access to a 24 minute recorded training I prepared on this topic for our marketing clients that will make it clear what you need to focus on to improve your online presence.

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Architect Marketing Consultant Eric BobrowMy name is Eric Bobrow. I have been working with architects as a technology consultant since 1989.

I love architects and building design professionals because you are creative spirits who make a positive impact on the world. I see so many of you struggling in your business because you don’t understand marketing principles, and are unable to take advantage of the new opportunities and methods now available online to promote your design firm.

Perhaps you have relied on word of mouth for a long time and have had a thriving business. “Do a great job for one client and others will come knocking on your door.” However with less construction activity in recent years this isn’t working like it used to. Many of my clients have asked me: “What can I do? The phone isn’t ringing any more.”

I have made it my mission to help architects and building designers use technology more effectively, and have now resolved to share my knowledge about online marketing so that you can bring in more clients and projects. I want you to win more of the jobs that are out there, rather than others taking the work that could be yours.


I’ve been developing websites since 1997, the early days of the internet, and studied internet marketing strategies with many of the best teachers in the world (list available on request).

My passion is helping people to use technology to achieve their creative and business goals. I’ve been called “the ArchiCAD Guru” based on over two decades of work teaching and supporting users of this powerful BIM software solution.

My ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube channel has become the most popular independent ArchiCAD video resource with over 1,150,000 views from users in 201 countries.

I’m very proud of another remarkable online achievement. As the result of diligent marketing as well as extensive creation of useful content, my listings currently occupy 3 to 5 of the top 10 slots on the first page of Google searches on:

  • “ArchiCAD tutorial” (out of 647,000 results)
  • “ArchiCAD training” (1,280,000 results), and
  • “ArchiCAD template” (367,000 results).

I’ve figured out a marketing system that works to reach ideal prospects and brings hundreds of people every day to my websites to benefit from my training services. I’ve adapted this system and proven that it works for architects and building designers to bring in more clients and projects.

I want to share this system with you, so that your firm can reach the prospects that will benefit from your architectural or building design services.

Join me for this exciting webinar, in which I will give you the keys to effective internet marketing for architects!