WP Mastery Video 1: How to Add Sub or Add-On Domains

WordPress Mastery Video Training SeriesSub-domains are used to divide your primary website into different “categories”.

And add-on domains are used when you want to add a new domain name to your hosting account instead of paying for new hosting.

This video shows you how to create both sub-domains and add-on domains!

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  1. ruben ojeda
    12 years ago

    Thanks Eric- That did the trick 🙂

  2. ruben ojeda
    12 years ago

    When I tried your link I get a message that says “Sorry, you don’t have access to this content”. I’m logged into your site. It’s video 1. Suggestions?

    • Eric Bobrow
      12 years ago

      Ruben –

      I checked the settings, and anyone who is logged into the site through our standard membership link should be able to see this video.

      Are you able to watch other training videos on the site? Is the problem specific to this page, or more general?

      As a troubleshooting test, I would suggest quitting your web browser entirely, then logging into the site fresh at http://www.internetmarketing.com/login/ and then visiting this page again.

      Let me know what happens when you try it again, and whether you can view other videos (either the main course lessons, or the WP Mastery ones.