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Level 2 Part A – Introduction to WordPress

Introduction to WordPress

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LEVEL 2, PART A – Introduction to WordPress

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This presentation is on web platforms for architects—architect’s websites.  And I just want to jump in really briefly and sort of give you an overview of web technology over the past 20 years or so.  And, sort of bring you up to speed to tell you kind of where we’re at now and give you a better understanding of the advantages of today’s websites versus websites even five years ago.  [0:09:34]

Okay, so if we were to go back—we’re now in 2014.  If we were to go back about 20 years ago, all websites were static HTML.  And what that means is that they were coded in a programming script called HTML, which is called Hypertext Markup Language.  And, being that they were static, once you wrote the page, the only way to change that page was actually to go in and change the programming code behind it, actually open up that page and—I can show you real quickly.

We’re going to go to my site,  And, we can look at the source of this page.  So, behind the scenes, this is what a computer sees when it goes to a website.  It doesn’t see any images, it sees all this text here.  This is the HTML that makes the website run.  [0:10:28]

In the past, if you needed to modify a webpage, you would have to pull up this code and you would have to directly change it in here.  Since that time, there was a huge advance about 15 years ago when they decided to separate presentation from content.  So, static HTML is antiquated.  So, it’s—they— basically we’ve come up with—like I said, about 15 years ago what are known as content management systems started to be developed and sort of be used more widely for webpages and websites in general.

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Introduction and Overview

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