Internet Marketing for Architects – Course Outline
Level 2 Part B – On-Page Optimization – HTML Tags, Structure, Authorship

On-Page Optimization – HTML Tags, Structure, Authorship

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LEVEL 2, PART B—On-Page Optimization—HTML Tags, Structure, Authorship

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[0:12:48] So, what is on-page optimization and what are HTML tags? Well, we’ve talked about it a little bit but we’ll be going into some detail here. So, in terms of just a quick introduction, the search engine’s job is just to give good results, relevant results, when people type in a query. You know, they type in “historic remodel Houston.” It will look at those words and it will try to find, in its database, of billions of pages on the web, which ones are the most relevant. I mean, it’s an amazing job that they do to pick out the needle in the haystack, or 10 needles in the haystack that are the 10 on that page. So you’ve got to help them. They way to help them is by putting content on your page that relates to the things that you’d like to be found for. [0:13:42] So how does Google see your page? Well, let’s take a look at something like the JHD website. So, you know I’ve used JHD as an example because they’re very successful based on the work that I’ve done with them and I think that we can learn from what they’ve done and sort of follow along. So when I look at, let’s say, their home page here, we see something with pictures, so there’s going to be a slideshow coming up here. We see some text. We see some things in the sidebar such as quotes from clients and some videos. So we’re seeing a whole bunch of visual information and we’re seeing the navigation up here. Ad maybe at first you don’t pay attention to the navigation, you look at the contents and then later you say, “Hmm, I could look at their ‘about page.’ Oh, it’s a whole menu;, it’s a bunch of choices. BIM, yeah I’ve heard about BIM as a tool for architects.” Or, “I’m looking for someone who does BIM.” So this is great information. [0:14:46] Click Here For Access To The Full Course



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