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Level 3 Part C – Lead Magnets and Opt-ins

Lead Magnets and Opt-ins

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Opt-Ins – Why?

Converting visitors to leads – so you can stay in touch

Developing a relationship, becoming familiar

Multiple touches, reminders of who you are and what you offer

Ultimately – to “Know, Like and Trust” you and your firm

“Who you gonna call?” [Ghostbusters]

Opt-Ins – How

Offer something of value in exchange for visitor email or physical address

An “ethical bribe” – give them something nice/useful/valuable

  • Report
  • Video
  • E-book

Alternative ideas: offer free consultation, or to send something by mail

Old school, but still can work – “sign up for our email list / newsletter” – but it isn’t nearly as effective

The “Lead Magnet”

Your offer should relate to your design practice

Consistent with your brand, your expertise, and what people need or are looking for

Offer something they want, rather than information about you and your services


Can help with SEO – if done properly, the page with the lead magnet can rank – example: Small Lot Subdivision -> Modative


Compelling / intriguing subjects:

  • How to Select an Architect for Your Project – OR –
    • XX Questions You Should Ask Your Architect
  • Guide to the Architecture Design Process – OR –
    • XX Things You Need to Know About the Design Process
  • XX Mistakes Commonly Seen in Remodel Projects – and How to Avoid Them
  • XX Latest Trends in Kitchen Remodels that Will Save You Money (or That Will Make Your Home Stand Out)

Primary aim (visible and obvious):

  • Things they need to know to benefit OR to avoid problems
  • Educating them (opportunities, value of your process)

Secondary goals (subtext):

  • Establish your expertise and authority
  • Teach them how to value what you do
  • “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde

The Mechanics of Opt-Ins

Advertise the Lead Magnets prominently on your site

Common places to mention and link to them:

  • Sidebar – link to page or post
  • Sidebar – actual form using widget
    • HTML code or shortcode (with addition of Use Shortcodes in Sidebar Widgets plugin)
  • Relevant pages
  • Home page

General tip – “above the fold”


The Opt-In Form

Where to get an opt-in form

  • WordPress plugins – Easy Contact Forms, Slick Contact Forms, Custom Contact Forms
  • Email service signup form – recommended provider: MailChimp

Place the opt-in form on a page or in sidebar with a clear explanation of what they will receive

Give several good reasons why this is of value, and perhaps what they will miss out on if they don’t opt-in

Assure them that you won’t send them spam, and that they can opt-out at any time

Make the “Call to Action” explicit – tell them to “click the button” and that they’ll get immediate access

Set up the URL for the “thank-you page” (where they go after submitting the form) to the page with the goodie


  • Create an opt-in form in WP
  • Place on page
  • Login to MailChimp and copy form code
  • Place on page


Fulfillment of the Lead Magnet

Don’t add this “fulfillment” page to the site navigation – keep it “unlisted”

On this page thank them, reassure them about your use of their email, and encourage them to “consume” the item

If the offer is for a report or e-book, provide a link to this file

You can use WordPress or an FTP utility to upload the file to your website hosting account; copy link from there


  • Upload PDF via WordPress admin > Media > Add New
  • Copy link
  • Place link into page

Provide a way to get back to your main site or a related page so they can keep browsing



Try this out yourself, make sure you can access the thank you page and get the report or video

Have a friend or colleague do the same, see if they need any extra assistance or clarification

Adjust the instructions accordingly

Check whether the contact info is received from the contact form (manual notification by email) or in MailChimp


Next week – Creating a Follow-up Strategy for Your Opt-In Leads

Devising a plan, thinking about what to share with your leads

Email “blasts” – newsletter, announcements – about projects, content on your site, general news, etc.

Autoresponder – a sequence of informative emails sent out over a number of days or weeks following signup

Telephone and Direct Mail



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