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Welcome to the Internet Marketing for Architects Course!
Welcome to the Internet Marketing for Architects Course

Eric BobrowThe lessons in this course were originally presented as live webinars by myself and Enoch Sears. It provides a comprehensive training on the most effective online marketing strategies available for architects. You may review the course outline and watch the presentations in any order using the Internet Marketing for Architects Course menu.

The Marketing Samples menu provides example press releases and promotional videos created for clients in our services programs.

This site is now managed by the Architect Marketing Institute, my partnership with Enoch Sears, founder and publisher of Business of Architecture, and Richard Petrie, the world’s leading architect marketing coach.

If you have any questions or comments about the site or the course, please email

Thank you for joining the Architect Marketing Institute community. We look forward to working with you to help you optimize your online strategy to bring in more clients and projects!

Eric Bobrow


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  1. GeorgeTurner
    10 years ago


    I found it no problem,


    • Eric Bobrow
      10 years ago

      George – I’m glad you figured it out! In case anyone else is wondering, you may right-click on the Download button in the bottom right of each video and choose Save As or Save Target File As or a similar command (it varies by browser) to save the MP4 video file to your computer. There is also a page with download links for the entire set of course lessons, which you’ll find in the course menu above.
      – Eric

  2. GeorgeTurner
    10 years ago


    I’ve missed a few webinars (because I’m busy thank god) I’d like to down load the webinars and watch them again. How do I do this?



  3. Betty Nickel
    10 years ago


    We’ve spent the better part of this morning reviewing your Architects Marketing Lead Generation System page. We are in the process of adding a section to our website (tentatively to be entitled: Complimentary Information and Services). We’ve skimmed your reports and REALLY like them…

    1) We’re trying to post this new Complimentary Information and Services page around early April. We’d obviously love to include your 4-5 reports (as one of about 5-6 other Resources) to Realtors and prospective clients.

    2) We realize that you and Enoch are still in the process of refining these reports. Still, it looks like we could use them “as is” in the near term?

    3) Not sure about the mechanics of incorporating these reports into our website. We use a website designer…she is a whizz. If we can let her know the process, I doubt we’ll have a problem.

    4) FYI, I just hit Load and the reports appeared in less than a minute. Very acceptable.

    5) We noticed that a requirement for Architect hiring was 3D modeling capability. Onward and Upward! We’re still mulling over how to mention ArchiCAD on our website.

    Betty and Steve Nickel in Colorado

    • Eric Bobrow
      10 years ago

      Betty –

      I’m delighted to read that you like these reports so much. To give credit where credit is due, each of these first 5 reports were created originally by our clients (architects in different parts of the world) and then reworked by our team to put them into a consistent graphic format.

      We also made sure that they were rewritten in a way that could be used as-is for many firms (leaving out details of the firm in the body copy) or adapted easily (add your own pictures, or rewrite or add sections as desired).

      You have our permission and encouragement to include some or all of these reports on your website. While we may do some further revisions, they are definitely usable right now.

      I would recommend mentioning them in multiple places on your site (sidebar banners as well as site pages), and creating separate opt-in forms for each one. That way you can see which ones are more popular, and perhaps even follow up with prospective clients in a more personalized way based on which report(s) they downloaded.

      We’ll be going over the mechanics of setting up an opt-in form and delivering the report in Course Lesson 3-C, which is scheduled for early April, so the timing sounds perfect in terms of your schedule. If you need some help before that point, let me know and we can arrange something for you.


      • Betty Nickel
        10 years ago

        Thanks Eric…

        We think it is a great advantage to have these reports come from a 3rd party. And, our webmeister is adamant about proper crediting. How should we word the credits/copyrights, etc. Also, could you forward your remarks above to She will want to confirm that we have your publishing permission, and the appropriate crediting.

        Betty and Steve in Colorado

  4. AlfredKorpershoek
    12 years ago

    Hi Eric,

    I think the course is good and covers a lot of terrain, a bit long maybe, especially when you are too busy and behind. The option of downloading the videos is great for people like me. Hopefully I will be able to watch the rest of the lessons soon. Your E-mails are a constant reminder how to farm.


  5. AngelaScott
    12 years ago

    Hi Eric,

    Just a quick note to say after reviewing only the first few videos I have just re-worded my website content at this stage and I have gone from not even being in the first 20 pages on google to being within the first 3 pages and even the first page for some search terms and also in the google local search for one term. Thanks for this I look forward to adding some of your other suggestions to hopefully move me to the first page for all search terms

    Ange – Australia

  6. Melissa
    12 years ago

    Hi Eric,

    I’m loving the course so far – have learned so much! Just a quick question for you: your “Resources” menu is not appearing on my browser. I noticed it on yours during your recent webinar…but I can’t see it here!


  7. Richard Hewitt
    12 years ago

    My comments on this course are written after today’s session 1D (fourth Webinar). To date I have found the content really useful and I like the down to earth way Eric presents this program.

    My reasons for taking part in this was to get a better understanding of how a website fits in the big picture of the internet, learn more about internet marketing techniques and to dispel some of the myths and hype that the web has with us regular folk.

    I have already put some of Eric’s suggestions into place – 3 weeks ago my website ranked poorly (sometimes totally absent) on Google for the type of search I believe people would be using. Having listened to the first two of Eric’s Webinars I decided to make changes to my website by incorporating some the suggestions in this course and within a week to ten days my site now appears on page one for most of the searches I am testing – so this has certainly been worthwhile for me even just in this short period of time.

    I have found communication with Eric helpful – he has supplied answers to my emails even though I consider this over and above what the course actually offered. I look forward to the balance of the course and I highly recommend the “Internet Marketing course for Architects to anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge in this area. Although targeted for design professionals like architects I believe the subjects Eric covers would benefit many other professions in the building industry.

    12 years ago


    The course is fantastic.

    It is like I do not want the class to end. I can see how robust my firm is going to get after the course completion.

    The best part of it is that we (Eric’s students) are only a small group in context to the number of firms out there world wide or even here in California, and we will have a tremendous advantage because of the course.

    I would like to ask all of our colleagues taking the course: Keep it a secret guys and gals out there hahaha or at least for a while we will have that advantage, because we want Eric to prosper from his ingenuity and get more students later.

    To manage better the time of your presentation I would like to suggest to leave questions for the end of a class rather than in the middle of it. Some of the questions take more time to reply to and they eat into your presentation time. That way you can have an uninterrupted flow of information.

    Eric, continue with your good work.
    I really appreciate your help.


  9. Peter Andreaessend
    12 years ago

    Hey Eric,
    Thanks too your generosity and talents. I feel confident that I will be able to navigate through this course and end up with the knowledge to push my business forward .

    I am one of those that has not invested in a web site before but after listening to your first lesson I went out and lodged my web name and looking forward to getting it up and running.

    Thanks Mate

    Peter A

  10. Peter
    12 years ago

    Hi Eric,

    I am sure that I have this information somewhere but I can’t quite put my finger on it. When are the next couple of Internet Marketing Webinars so that I can get them on my calendar?


    PS nice job on the first webinar, I can see the large gaps in my own website/strategy – now all we need is to “fill the gaps”

  11. Paul Demars
    12 years ago

    Thanks for your consideration. I’m happy to be on board and look forward to a fruitful learning experience.


    • Eric Bobrow
      12 years ago

      Paul –
      Welcome aboard!