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Level 2 Part D – Video Marketing

Video Marketing – Using Video for SEO and Conversion

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– Video Marketing – Using Video for SEO and Conversion

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So let’s just talk a little bit about internet video usage.  It’s just continuing to grow.  I think that’s pretty obvious for all of us.  And, if we think about it, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video, well, it can be worth a lot because you can talk in just a minute or two—and by the way, I guess Enoch just turned off his video himself so I’ll just adjust this here for our recording.  So video can definitely communicate both information and also who you are.  So hearing your voice, seeing your smiling face, your earnestness, your care, your—it gives a feeling for people.  And, as we’ve said in the past and I’m sure you’ve heard this here or there, is that people hire people.  In other words, they need to be comfortable with you.  Even if you want to focus on the firm and the credibility of your firm, they still want to know who you are to some extent.  [0:04:40]

So videos will also increase the time that people spend on your website.  So that means that not only will they make more of a connection by spending more time, but Google recognizes the time spent on site as a criteria for search engine ranking.  That means if people spend more time on your site, Google will say, “Ah, they’re having a better experience,” and it will generally be one of those checkmarks.  It will tend to raise your site up above others that might otherwise be comparable.

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Overview and Agenda

Why Video?

  • Statistics on internet video usage are staggering
  • Growing every year, with mobile usage soaring
  • “If a picture is worth a 1,000 words… a video is worth…”
  • Allows movement, personalization (voice and a face to your company)
  • Increases time on site – a ranking factor as well as a conversion factor
  • Free video portals are both a lead source as well as an SEO factor
  • Can be used in a variety of ways (website, video portal, Facebook, email link)


Video Styles for Architect Marketing and Websites


  • Slide show with music or voice-over
  • Can include text to communicate a clear message and call to action
  • Variation: Animoto


  • Talking Head – speaking to the camera – to the visitor
  • Interview – Q&A
  • Dialog – Testimonial


  • Tour of one or more projects – can be tricky
  • Full production with branding and effects
  • Animated presentation


Technical Details

Best size for videos is 1280 x 720 (HD) – can be viewed smaller or full-screen

Simple transitions (dissolves) work best

Video for web should be saved as MP4 files for best compatibility

Flash technology is on its way out (FLV files are not viewable on iOS)

YouTube is the easiest way to upload and host videos

Other video portals are also easy, but less traffic

Once hosted, videos can be placed easily on website pages

Use the “Embed Code” to place HTML snippet (special text)

  • Demonstration of embedding YouTube video on WordPress site
  • Adjust settings for size and other options (to show other videos at end, etc.)


YouTube Channel

A YouTube Channel is a mini-website

Easy and free to setup – uses your Gmail account

Can establish authority

Links in the description of each video can point to your main website (use http://)

Distribution of videos can boost SEO via backlinks


Special Features

Video players on your website can be set up to work with opt-in contact forms

Two common variations: opt-in to view (gated) or opt-in following video

Autoplay should be used with caution – particularly if there is sound


Creating Your Videos

Slide shows can be created using many different programs

  • Examples: PowerPoint, Keynote

Screen recording software – Jing (free), QuickTime Player (Mac), Snagit, Camtasia, ScreenFlow

  • Allows voice-over to be recorded while playing a slideshow or manually showing images
  • Audio quality is important – a quiet room; ideally a USB headset ($25 – $50) or podcaster microphone

Digital Video

  • Webcam
  • Smartphone (iPhone / Android)
  • Dedicated video camera
    • If possible, use a clip-on lavaliere microphone for better audio (Canon Vixia $300+)
  • A tripod is essential for stable images

Video Editing – from Simple to Sophisticated

  • Free tools can be just fine: iMovie, Windows Movie Maker
  • Inexpensive and simple to use: QuickTime Pro ($30 from Apple, available for PC and Mac)
  • Inexpensive and Very Capable:
    • PC: CyberLink PowerDirector, Sony Vegas (both under $100)
    • Mac: Camtasia Mac ($99) Final Cut Pro X ($299)


Ideas for Content

Images of Project or Type of Work (e.g. remodel, kitchen, etc.) – the simplest and easiest to make


  • text slides (script) – to deliver a message, branding, information
  • voice-over
  • music
  • Animoto

Frequently Asked Questions – headshot talking to camera, or slides with voice-over

  • Explanation of concept (e.g. green architecture)
  • Describing benefits, options, possibilities
  • Answering objections


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