Los Angeles, CA Modern Architect Diane Waingrow AIA Accomplishes Design Within a Budget Through Creative Efforts.

Diane Waingrow, a modern residential architect in Los Angeles, innovates a creative solution for an important kitchen design detail that saves money for her client.

“Sometimes, it is necessary to creatively explore various materials and methods, in order to accomplish a worthwhile design idea within a client’s budget.”

Many architects claim that they are creative and can stay within the parameters of their client’s budget. When these qualities are put into action they are a testimony to the architect’s ability and experience. Diane Waingrow recently proved that she is no newcomer to the field of residential architecture.

In her latest project she produced an imaginative solution to accomplish a design idea that she did not want to give up because of the cost. Not only did she stay within the the proposed budget, she actually saved a significant amount of money for the client.

This is what Los Angeles architect Diane Waingrow expressed about the project:

“Sometimes, it is necessary to creatively explore various materials and methods, in order to accomplish a worthwhile design idea within a client’s budget.”

Diane sought a unique look for the glass in the six upper cabinets of a recent kitchenette and office remodel. She wanted the glass to have texture, color and opacity, rather than using standard white laminated glass to hide the clutter behind. She envisioned back-painted glass for the upper cabinets, which would be a beautiful accent for the room’s neutral color scheme.

Diane researched this at the glass store and chose a style called “chord pattern” to create the texture, and selected a soft greenish-grey paint color call “Silhouette” for back painting the glass. However, the bid came in at a whopping $2800 for 6 small horizontal pieces of glass! Diane inquired further and found that the cost of the glass without the back-painting was just $175. The reason for the large disparity in prices was because of the set-up costs, minimum size order, and factory sealing process.

Diane was determined to find a way to have this done in-house for a much more reasonable price while still staying true to her vision. She consulted her contractor who went to the paint store to look for the right product, and they came up with a process to back-paint the glass themselves. The manager at the paint store did not approve or disapprove of this endeavor when he was informed about it. He simply said, “I’ve never seen it done, but let me know how it goes!”.

The process was very straight-forward. They used normal interior latex paint, but rolled it on so that it was thickly applied, using 4 coats applied to the smooth side of the glass. The paint was then covered with 2 layers of clear epoxy resin for durability.

The paint and resin had to “cure” for at least 24 hours, with the painted glass pieces lying horizontally. Even if it appeared dry, if they installed it vertically before the assembly had dried completely, gravity would cause the paint and epoxy to become thin at the top and thick at the bottom.

The glass turned out beautifully and had the exact colored, textured look that she was seeking at a fraction of the cost. Her contractor estimated just a few hours for painting and resin coating, and an hour or so for set up and clean up. Including materials, the back-painted glass done “in-house” cost her client only $400. This a great example of Diane’s ingenuity and commitment to finishing a project at a price that pleases all involved. There are many reasons she has had a successful business for so many years, and this is just one of them.

Diane specializes in site specific design of custom residential projects. Her modern architectural firm puts strong emphasis on good design, personal service, and sustainability. She has been in business for over 20 years.

About Diane Waingrow

Diane Waingrow is a remodel architect in Pacific Palisades, CA. She has created many wonderful spaces for her clients, and offers free consultations. She recently installed sustainable Heath tiles in one of her projects, and attended the 2012 Dwell on Design conference.

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