Architect Marketing Coaching Program

Eric Bobrow, Principal, Bobrow Consulting Group (copyright 2012)



Thursday December 13 at 1 pm PST

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As I hope you recall from the main course lessons, a “lead magnet” is an item of value (often a PDF report or a video on a topic of interest) that you offer to visitors to your website (or as part of advertising or other promotional efforts) in exchange for contact information (usually an email address).

When done strategically, a lead magnet will accomplish several things for you: it will establish your authority (you are a professional who has useful information to share), engender positive feelings (people will like you or your company because you gave them something valuable), and give you a way to stay in touch with these people, who have now been “converted” from anonymous website visitors to “leads”.

I’ll show you a few easy ways you can set up your opt-in form on your website, deliver the promised item, and collect the visitor’s email address and add it to your growing list. I’ll show you the mechanics of connecting this opt-in to Mail Chimp, a popular email service that will allow you to send newsletters and other one-time broadcasts as well as “autoresponders” – a series of emails sent to new subscribers over a period of days or weeks.

The session will run for about 90 minutes including Q&A.


Thursday December 20 at 1 pm PST

This session will provide open Q&A – bring your questions, I’ve got answers!


We’ll also do a few website critiques as part of this session. If you would like me to do a short review of your website and give you suggestions and ideas for improvement, please send me a link ahead of time if possible. Depending on how the session runs, I may also be able to take requests typed into the questions chat box.

Your website doesn’t have to be “finished” or “as good as you can get it”… I’ll look at it, whatever state it’s in, and give you feedback and guidance for what to focus on in order to improve its performance and effectiveness. I appreciate that it may take some courage to put your website up in front of the group, so I’ll be extra kind and appreciative!