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Coaching (2013-07-18): Communicating the Value of Your Design Services

How to Communicate the Value of Your Design Services

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This call focuses on a question that is often challenging for architects: how to establish the value of your services and your firm in the mind of your ideal prospect.

I’ve often heard architects say that design fees are on a downwards slope, and that clients expect more yet want to pay less than ever before.

How can you avoid the trap of competing mainly on price, and get clients to feel they are getting better value from you even as you charge them more than others?

The solution to this quandary can make use of a number of complementary approaches, including:

  • story telling: “war stories” and other triumphs in the process of design, approval and construction
  • comparative value: how much you saved clients or earned them because the designs you created were superior to other alternatives; can you quantify this?
  • reasons why: your philosphy and/or methods and approach; the intangible difference
  • technology: 3D BIM tools that produce higher quality work and fewer change orders
  • communication: a better experience with 3D design visualization, remote meetings, web portals
  • personal experience: really making it clear how your experience (and connections, perhaps) will make for a smoother, faster and better result than others they may consider


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