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Coaching (2012-12-13): Lead Magnets – Detailed Implementation

Lead Magnets – Detailed Implementation

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Welcome to our new members
Hello again to members from the inaugural launch of the course
Quick tour of the website – Course lessons, PR samples, Resources
Support email – send in your questions and ideas

Lead Magnets

What is a “lead magnet”?
Why is this important?
The concept of progressive levels of engagement and trust
Building a relationship over time

First Question: What can you offer that is of value to a visitor?
Common ideas:
PDF report
Recorded Video
Email series
Personal consultation

Presenting the offer
On the home page
In a sidebar – multiple pages
In a popup or slideup
On a specific page

Make the offer clearly
Establish the value, generate interest
Provide a method for someone to request the information
– can be as simple as “call us” or “email us” but better to use opt-in form

Opt-in Forms:
General contact form using WordPress plugin
Email service opt-in form


Setting up an Opt-in form on a page

Using contact form plugin

Fulfillment of the offer
The concept of the “Thank You Page”
Offering a PDF file – uploading to your site, providing a link
Placing a video onto the thank-you page
Emailing the PDF or a link to the video


Q: Is there a way to prevent search engines from listing a page – for example, a page in which a lead magnet such as a special report is presented? After all, if people can find the page through the search engine, they won’t need to opt-in to your email list.

A: The likelihood that someone visiting your site will see an offer for something of interest, then decide to search on the internet to see how they can get it without providing you their email address, is pretty small. However, if you do want to hide something so that it is not indexed by the search engines – so that people searching the internet won’t be able to find it – you can either manually enter specific HTML code instructions to the search engines (a geeky thing to do) or you can install a WordPress plugin to make this easy.

I did some quick research and found one that looks pretty simple that will do the trick: WordPress Meta Robots. Install this free plugin, and you’ll be able to choose for each page whether or not to allow search engines to index and display the page in search results.

We’ll cover the content below in the next coaching session…we ran out of time today!


Why use an email service?
Why build a list?
What can you do with an email service?

Automatic response to opt-ins
Thank-you page
Email sent out immediately upon opt-in

Email Newsletters
Announcements and News


The concept of an autoresponder series

Ideas for email series
Example: Progressive introduction to your firm

  • Thanks for visiting our site, let us know if you have any questions
  • What we believe
  • Background story – how we got where we are today
  • A case study, or a story about a project
  • What we’re excited about now

Explanation or exploration of a topic area
Can be set up as a “lead magnet” fulfillment



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