Case Study Program
Case Study Program – Final Meeting – August 8, 2012

On August 8, 2012 we held our final wrap-up session for participants in the Internet Marketing for Architects Case Study Program. The session lasted almost two and a half hours, so it is presented as a series of separate videos for your convenience.

Introduction and Feedback from Participants

In this segment, feedback on the Case Study Program was provided by Eliza Hart, Chris Sinkinson and Sue Ball. There was a technical problem that caused the first 20 minutes to capture a static website window, so essentially this is audio only during that first part. After about 20 minutes, the recording properly captures the live webcams and screensharing.

Website Development and Google Analytics Report from Justin Kunst

Justin Kunst reports on the website development work done for several participants, as well as the analytics that show gradually increasing site visits and keyword traction.

Additional Feedback from Participants

In this segment, John Chando and Tom Downer share their feedback on the program.

Local Marketing Report by Ed Wunder

Ed Wunder summarizes the local marketing ranking progress to date for case study program participants. He also explains the on-going services that will be available for a monthly fee for those who choose to continue the local marketing part of the program.

Report from Jacqueline Kunst on Promotional Videos and Press Releases

Jackie gives an overview of what her process has been in working with participants to prepare promotional videos and press releases.

Nick Piscitello – Promotional Video Creation

Our special guest Nick Piscitello discusses how he approaches creating a custom promotional video. We have arranged for a special reduced price for case study participants who are interested in his premium service.

Closing Words by Eric Bobrow

In this short segment at the end of our marathon session, I share some tips about improving conversions from website visitors. I also briefly explain the options for continuing services for Case Study Program participants starting September 1.