Overview: Internet Marketing for Architects

In this 24 minute introductory overview of the subject of Internet Marketing for Architects, Eric goes over the key concepts that will help you grow your design business using internet-based marketing. In easy-to-understand language, the latest and most-effective approaches are put into context using an interactive Mind Map that serves as a “cheat sheet” reference.

You don’t have to know anything technical about internet software or hosting in order to grasp the essentials of Search Engine Optimization, traffic analytics and conversion, and automated follow-up marketing, as these are explained in ways that make common sense.

Key Concepts

There are 4 separate focal points to consider when you plan your marketing strategy:

  • Visibility – how to increase the likelihood that a prospective client will find you
  • Traffic – how to track and gradually increase the number who visit your site
  • Conversion – how to turn visitors into “leads” that you can stay in contact with
  • Winning New Projects – this is what it’s all about, isn’t it!

Watch this video to understand how to improve each of these areas so that your firm gets more business this year!

You may download the overview diagram shown in this video using the link below:

Simply right-click and choose Save Linked File As (or a similar command, this varies by browser).

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