Riva Slider Pro

Riva Slider Pro is a powerful and flexible WordPress plugin that will easily allow you to set up, configure and display one or more “sliders” on your web pages, cycling through images automatically or manually in a variety of styles.

To learn more about the capabilities of this plugin, please visit the Riva Slider website, where you may see samples, explanation and demonstration of many slider styles and options.

Bobrow Consulting Group has purchased a Developer License for Riva Slider Pro, which allows us to distribute this software for clients that we work with for web design.

Members of the Internet Marketing for Architects Course may download and install Riva Slider Pro using the files below. Simply right-click on the “Riva Slider Pro – WordPress plugin” file, and select Save As… (or a similar command – this varies depending on which browser you are using) to download and save it to your computer. Inside your WordPress administrative area, use the Plugins > Add New screen, then click the Upload button near the top, then the Browse button to select this zip file (it does not have to be unzipped), then the Install button. Use the license code indicated in the membership downloads box when you install the plugin to activate it.

There is extensive documentation available in the “Riva Slider Pro documentation – installation instructions and user guide” zip file download. To access the documentation, unzip the downloaded file then open the index.html file in your browser (usually you can just double-click it). There are complete instructions for how to install and configure Riva Slider Pro.

Our developer license allows us to contact the developer for support when necessary, but does not give course members (using our license) direct access to their support. Please use the Comments area below if you have a question or a problem with the plugin, and I will try to help you to get it working the way you need on your site.


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