Architect Marketing Course 2012 – Course Outline
Architect Marketing Course 2012 – Course Outline


by Eric Bobrow, Principal, Bobrow Consulting Group (copyright 2012)


Level 1 – First Steps: Intro to Marketing on the Internet

  • A. Overview of Visibility, Traffic, Conversion and Client Acquisition; Introduction to Search Keyword Analysis (112 minutes)
  • B. On-page optimization – content development, site navigation, eye-candy (117 minutes)
  • C. Local Marketing – Google + Local pages and other listing services (110 minutes)
  • D. Off-site optimization – Press Release Marketing (111 minutes)
  • TOTAL – LEVEL 1 – 7 hours 30 minutes

By the end of Level 1, you will have an improved understanding of how to focus your online strategy for maximum effectiveness. You’ll know how to create content oriented to the primary keywords that prospective clients use when searching for your services, so that your website starts to rise in the search engine pages. You will know how to claim and set up your local listings to increase your visibility, and be able to write up stories about your firm to submit as press releases to quickly improve your search rankings.

Level 2 – Going Deeper to Get in Front of More Potential Clients

  • A. Introduction to WordPress – Take Control of Your Website (97 minutes)
  • B. On-page optimization – HTML Tags (102 minutes)
  • C. Local Marketing – enhancing your listings (reviews, pictures, etc.) (91 minutes)
  • D. Off-site optimization – Video Marketing – Using Video for SEO and Conversion (100 minutes)
  • TOTAL – LEVEL 2 – 6 hours 30 minutes

By the end of Level 2, you will be in position to take control of your own online destiny – knowing the basics of working with WordPress so that you can add pages about projects and post articles on your own blog. You’ll learn some of the rather simple but little-understood technical details that help search engines such as Google analyze your pages, so that they will more likely rank them in the search results. You’ll be able to develop your local listing pages further to make them more attractive and increase the percentage of visitors that contact you. And you’ll take another large step towards increasing the “authority” of your site, improving its ranking position, by starting to create short videos using easy tools that you probably already have on your computer.

Level 3 – Traffic and Conversion: Turning Visitors into Clients

  • A. Fresh content – creating and maintaining a blog (97 minutes)
  • B. Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. (89 minutes)
  • C. Lead magnets and opt-ins (93 minutes)
  • D. Developing an email list and follow-up strategy (115 minutes)
  • TOTAL – LEVEL 3 – 6 hours 34 minutes

By the end of Level 3, you’ll have an entire working strategy for developing a relationship with visitors to your website. You’ll have easy-to-follow ideas and methods for adding fresh content to your site with a minimum of time and effort, and leveraging this automatically through social media with no additional work. You’ll be starting to accumulate a list of leads – people who have visited your site who have given you their email address so that they can read an article or report or watch a video that provides them valuable information and guidance. You’ll understand how to follow up with these leads in a way that they appreciate and that will take little direct effort on your part.

When you have completed the Internet Marketing for Architects Course you’ll be head and shoulders above where you started, and far more knowledgeable than most of your peers.

You will be in a prime position to rank highly in internet searches by prospective clients in your area, while at the same time developing a website that visitors enjoy and want to come back to more than once…which will make them eager to talk and meet with you when the time is right to discuss their design project!