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Level 2 Part C – Local Marketing – Enhancing Your Listings

Local Marketing – Enhancing Your Listings (reviews, pictures, etc.)

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Local Marketing defined

  • Traditional media – advertising in Yellow Pages, newspaper/magazine, direct mail
  • Traditional networking – in person meetings, sponsorships, word of mouth referrals
  • Internet-based strategies – based on SEO with local keywords
  • Local directories including Google + Local / Google Places

Internet Strategies related to Local Marketing

  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) often have local listings for certain keyword searches
  • Google is promoting this heavily, it’s gaining traction; will be increasingly important
  • Current listing format still highlights the main website link, but offers Google Places page too
  • If any reviews have been posted, they show up in the local listing reference
  • Ratings are shown when enough reviews are received
  • Informal survey indicates that this is rarely seen for architects, but over time this will change


Developing Your Google + Local Page

Comparison of a basic Local page vs. one that is nicely done

  • Basic page just has contact info and map
  • – Show listings for Leif Rideout Architect, Downer Associates, Hart Wright Architects
  • Adding pictures and description is helpful
  • Getting reviews is very useful – important to start asking clients for them
  • Anyone with a Google account may post a review
  • Some negative reviews are seen – this could be bad for business
  • – example – search for “architect oakland ca” – look at Lindy Small reviews
  • Protect yourself, and boost your conversions – get some good reviews posted ASAP
  • Videos may be added in admin area, but are not showing yet


SEO Strategies for Local Listings and Business Directory Listings

Each listing service has a certain amount of traffic for searches – this may be small, but each one contributes to overall visits

Equally important, each listing adds a link to your website, boosting its ranking

Start with (if it’s available in your country) and claim listings on these services

You can do a search for “online business directories” and see what might be relevant – do the free ones, generally not worth paying for a premium listing

Do a few each week, and over a period of time, you’ll have many more links / citations

Use autofill in your browser to speed this up (built into Chrome, available for Firefox)



What cues will make someone click a search listing to visit your site?

  • Title of the website is important – set by metatag if available
  • Google reviews will encourage click-through for local-style listings

Description is useful – drawn from metatag or page content

  • – Demonstration of descriptions and how they relate to actual sites –
  • Important to make the description short, focus on what you want to be seen
  • Equally important – have the description on the home page – identical or similar words

Google “authorship” is another plus – see my listings for examples (search “archicad”)

Picture and number of Google Circles now shown when author is listed



Social media in general are playing an increasing role in SEO – Google is looking at “social signals” related to +1’s, Likes, comments, other interactivity – aiming to reduce reliance on factors that can be “gamed” (such as backlinks) and focus on visitor experience and behavior





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