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Level 1 Part D – Off-Site Optimization – Press Release Marketing

Off-site optimization – Press Release Marketing

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Introduction and Overview

Press Release Marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve the ranking and visibility of your website. It is one technique from the general category of “off-site” or “off-page” optimization: things you can and should do outside of your own website itself that will boost the Search Engine Optimization for your site.

Results from press release submissions can often be seen within days! A series of several press releases can create a powerful wave of backlinks to raise the rankings of your site, and the press releases themselves can often show up in the search engine results, increasing your visibility and branding.

The strategies presented in this lesson are adapted from time-honored traditions that have been updated and customized for online usage.



Press Releases leverage several powerful ideas:

1. News

2. Stories

3. Credibility

4. Backlinks



It’s part of our culture – we pay attention to the news

It gives a reason to talk about something and feature it

It doesn’t have to be “earth-shaking” or a world record

Think about local newspapers – they need news to report every day

Modern equivalent – personal news – “status updates” & Twitter



From the dawn of human language, we’ve learned to love stories

Stories make information more personal and compelling

Take a routine job and make it a story of triumph or accomplishment

Example: a remodel of an old house – an “eyesore” that had potential, both the client and the designer “believed in it” – “good bones” – turned into a beautiful home that adds to the neighborhood



Press releases are best written as news stories in the third person, somewhat neutral (no hyperbole or promotional words)

However – it’s common to have one or more quotes, written from your point of view or of a client or another person – and these can be very “direct” and state opinions emphatically

The combination works well to explain facts yet allows you to have your say



One of the most important factors in a website being ranked

Press releases can be submitted through a variety of online services that provide widespread distribution

These online references can contain links to your website

“Google approved”

Can improve ranking of your site very quickly

The press release itself can appear in search results, adding to branding


Anatomy of a Press Release


Short description of the story

300 to 700 words for the body text

Include one or more quotes

Ending section with contact info

Optional – pictures with captions, other file attachments


Ideas for Press Releases for Architects

Participation in an event – e.g. presentation to students, Habitat volunteer

Recent project completed

Project in process

New project awarded

New initiative – e.g. new or reworked website or blog or newsletter, new office

New focus – e.g. sustainable design, online marketing, branding

Education – learning about important topic; teaching or speaking about topic

Response to code changes or other news related to building design or use

Use of innovative technology – e.g. 3D modeling, web portal for clients

What would you tell a friend who asked you – “what’s new?”


See the samples on the Internet Marketing for Architects website


Making an Online Press Release Effective

Make the title a clear, short statement that attracts interest

Put your company name in the title for extra branding

Make the description interesting enough to draw visitors

Include several reference links to different pages of your website

Use “anchor text” that matches or coordinates with your target keywords

Examples: “Los Angeles modern architect”, “Costa Rica luxury custom homes”, “basement remodels”

One of these can go to your home page, others can go to portfolio or other resource pages

General rule of thumb – up to one link per 100 words

In the Contact section, include “naked” URL link for balance


Where to Submit and Distribute Your Release

Free PR sites – list will be posted in member area

Low cost distribution through web services – do a search for “[free] online press release distribution service”

Cost-effective widespread distribution through OnlinePRNews and PRWeb

Monitoring the effectiveness of your distribution – search for word string

— Show this inside OnlinePRNews and PRWeb for Bobrow PR —

Syndication – “full page reprints” with live links – vs. RSS or “headline feed”



The Secret Sauce: “Link Juice”

Link Juice is the term used to describe how a large number of backlinks to a specific page will add “juice” or power to that page. This makes the links on that particular page more authoritative, and they will pass along that “juice” to the pages that are referred to in those backlinks.

Increase the “Link Juice” of your press release by referencing it in your second press release with an appropriately worded link

Create a third press release and reference the first two

This builds up tremendous “authority” and can dramatically improve rankings


References – Learning How to Write Effective Press Releases

Do a Google search for “SEO Press Release” or “Press Release Marketing”

Sign up for free info from OnlinePRNews

Browse PRWeb and PRNewsWire sites



Everyone who signed up during the inaugural launch gets one free $199 press release submission through PRWeb under our account!

We will set up an online submission form to automate the process

We can submit one per day under our account – first come, first served

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  1. DylanChappell
    12 years ago

    Hi Eric,

    I’m have a press release ready to send out, what is the best way to make sure I get it to all my local media resources.

    Below is the list I have so far:

    Coastal View News
    Santa Barbara News-Press
    Montecito Journal
    Pacific Coast Business Times
    Ventura County Star

    PRweb (Eric)

    Newsletters/trade magazines
    Does Cal Poly have an alumni newsletter or something similar?
    What trade magazines or newsletters do you know? I thought I remember seeing something like Central Coast Contractors’ Association newsletter.

    • Eric Bobrow
      12 years ago

      Dylan –
      Frankly, I don’t have experience submitting a press release to local media and trade magazines. One way to find out what’s available would be to do a Google search for Santa Barbara newspapers or magazines, or a similar search for California architectural or construction publications. Another way would be to talk directly to one of the journalists about your release, and ask them for recommendations for others you should send it to.
      One other suggestion: after you have submitted it to PRWeb (or a similar distribution service), you can send a link to the press release on PRWeb to these local publications and ask them either to run it “as is” or perhaps to interview you about the same subject to write an article for their publication.